Screen: Blueprint

In this screen we have an overview of all the chamber with information of temperature of each environment and condition of operation of a general form. Besides the temperature it is possible to see if they are in setpoint, in operation, in fault, in defrost, etc.

You can also check active and recognized alarms at the bottom with industry indication and which operator recognized it. As well as the temperatures and pressures, these alarms are stored in a database where you have the possibility to be consulted later.

Screen: Chamber

With various information you can check every detail of the chamber's operation, details that include since the operation of the motors, valves, defrost conditions, instantaneous temperature graphs, alarm signals up to the current speed of the fans, in the case of chambers that have frequency inverters.

Screen: Chamber Settings

Simple and practical! You can check all the data, as well as the chamber configuration. This screen sets the temperatures, timing of each defrost step, automatic start time, manual cancellation and activation of defrosting.

Screen: Engine Room

In this screen it is possible to check all the equipment of the Engine room, in a screen of easy understanding, as well as to access the equipments individually with just a click of the mouse.

Screen: Chamber Sensor Configuration

Here it is possible to configure all the sensors of the chamber and carry out, if necessary, the calibration in each one of them.

Screen: Equipment Detailing

After accessing the engine room and clicking, in this case in the compressor, all data related to this equipment will be available on this screen. This also applies to other equipment accessible via automation.

Screen: Graph

Intuitive and simple to operate, with some fields filled in, the chamber or sensor graphic is obtained, with automatic scaling on the y-axis with the variations of the selected chamber or sensor.

Screen: Activities

In this screen it is possible to see practically all the activities related to the system that were executed through the supervisory system, for example the screen that the user navigated, parameter values ​​changed besides the faults and warnings elapsed.

Screen: Energy

With the aim of energy efficiency, a center for the analysis of energy costs consumed is increasingly being requested, and thinking about that, an implementation of electric power multimeditors and the system becomes possible through an advanced algorithm to dismember an energy by sectors, per regime and per room, that is, the total consumption of the Engine Room and places as a whole. These data allow the system to be implemented in the SIMREF / ISMRER (Intelligent System of Measurement and Rate of Energy in Refrigerators) that is able to quantify the consumption of each chamber and its rate in the Engine Room.