Select Electrical Wire PRO

Version 1.0

Easy very easy to use.

The best and simplest app to sizing electrical conductors.

Made by professionals and students of Electrical who already use it.

This App includes the installation methods: B1 and B2.

In your next update will have all the methods with approximately 9 each with two or more divisions.

* Application and downloaded very promotional price *

A great tool for dimensioning the wiring of electrical motors and gauges necessary for suplying power to all electrical devices, based on its drawn current and phase numbers (1 or 3).

This app was made based on the IEC364 series of stardarts. Many useful in technical schools and a must-have for any professional who deals with this matter.

*** Agora com ajuste de temperatura ambiente de acordo com a Tabela 35 da NBR5410/1997

*** E conversão de unidades mm² para AWG.

Tabelas de Métodos

Condições de Instalação